to the website of my office for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Greifswalder Str. in  Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (please see → “Contact” for details).

Dr. Maria Alexandrino Fernandes Butollo

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest holistic treatment systems in the world and has been practiced without interruption since approx. 2,500 years. TCM therapies result from the joint efforts of hundreds of thousands of medical minds along history, treating, improving and reporting results from their daily experiences with patients.
In my therapeutic approach, I combine acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutrition and medicinal massage (Tuina) with modern knowledge on human physiology and pathology. By integrating ancient medical practices with modern scientific knowledge, it is my aim to treat illness and ailments in the most effective way, including pain syndromes, physiological imbalances and functional problems.

Depending on your medical history and health state, you can be treated solely by the therapies of TCM or you can combine western medicine treatments with e.g. acupuncture, nutrition and medical massage. If you select →  “indications” on the menu of this webpage, you can consult a list of symptoms and illnesses for which TCM has been applied successfully.
For more information about the TCM therapies I offer in my office and their prices, please consult the menu point “Therapies & Prices”.

Facts about me and my work:

  • I´m a biologist with a PhD degree in microbiology (Berlin, Germany) and over 20 years of experience in research
  • I hold a 5-year diploma in TCM (University of TCM Guangzhou, China, University of TCM Lisbon)
  • I´m a licensed naturopath approved by the German Health Ministry
  • I regularly engage in clinical practice at the acupuncture department of the University Hospital of the Guangzhou, China, one of the five biggest and most important in the country
  • During a nine months internship at two medical offices in Germany (Haus- und Fachärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis Zitzmann & Ludwig, Jena; and Praxis Dr. med. Josef Hummelsberger, München), I could deepen my understanding of the relationships between Western and Eastern diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
  • I engage in continuous education in Mind Body Medicine including Mind Body Connection (Human Givens Institute, London), The Science of Happiness (University of Berkeley, USA) and Guided Imagery for Stress Relief (Human Givens Institute, London)
  • The consultations can be held in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French.