The TCM view of disease

TCM Praxis Maria Butolla Untersuchung

One of the main principles of TCM is that disease arises from an imbalance in the flow of our vital energy (the so called Qi) through our body. Qi connects our whole body and mind, forming an intricate and inseparable network. They are permanently in communication with each other. Every imbalance generated in the body will lead to an imbalance in the mind. Conversely an imbalance generated in the mind will sooner or later lead to a physical reaction.
In this holistic view, the aim of a TCM therapy is always to first alleviate the main complaint and second to reestablish the patient´s overall health and wellbeing. In the last decade, this ancient holistic concept has been rediscovered in the West by a great number of doctors/practitioners as Mind Body Medicine. TCM has been applied successfully to a wide range of complex clinical patterns. These are often found in patients with chronic illnesses. It is also very effective in the treatment of the increasing amount of health issues resulting from our overburdening modern lives.


My approach to TCM was greatly influenced by my clinical practice months at the university hospital of Guangzhou, China. In this hospital traditional Chinese healing techniques were complemented and improved by modern medical knowledge. This integrative approach has produced excellent results for many patients.


Acupuncture involves inserting very thin needles into defined spots of the body surface. According to the theory of TCM, the insertion of acupuncture needles harmonizes the flow of Qi and produces a relief of many symptoms, especially those associated with pain and discomfort (e.g. muscular pain, neurologic pain, menstrual disorders, headaches, digestive problems, cramps).

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Scientists have found some evidence that the efficacy of acupuncture is due to the release of neurotransmitters as a response to the sensory and physical stimulation produced by the needles. The healing effects of acupuncture have been well established for a variety of symptoms. The World Health Organization in 2002 has listed an extensive number of diseases for which acupuncture has been indicated →
I rely on the teachings of several TCM doctors, foremost Dr. Nguyen van Nghi, one of the pioneers of acupuncture in Europe. Having a degree in Western medicine and Chinese medicine, he incorporated knowledge of both worlds into his treatments. For the treatment of neurological and muscular symptoms I often apply a specialized technique (Dr. Jin´s Three-Needle-Technique).
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The treatment of diseases and ailments with herbal therapy plays a very important role in TCM. Especially in the case of prolonged diseases, a blend of medicinal herbs is usually prescribed. According to the TCM teachings, acupuncture regulates the flow of our vital energy, while herbs can change its amount and quality.
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Herbal prescriptions are paramount in the treatment of physical and mental weakness, recovery from diseases, low immunity, prolonged stress and sleep disturbances.
My prescriptions are processed by a German pharmacy in Berlin specialized in Chinese herbs. All herbs are submitted to quality controls concerning their quality and purity. More information on the safety and quality of Chinese herbal prescriptions can be accessed through the following website: →
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According to Chinese medicine theory, the food we eat works like medication. The active compounds in food are present in lower concentrations then in most medication but on the other hand we eat them every day, several times a day, for all our lives. → read more

TCM nutrition does not count calories. It rather draws a picture of your physiological state and regulates your body step by step back into harmony. TCM nutrition therefore regulates your weight, your energy, improves your sleep and boosts your mood. My own professional experience has shown that nutrition is essential for a healthy and happy life and that only a small change in eating habits can produce a great impact on your health and wellbeing. Depending on your individual situation, TCM nutrition can be applied as sole and effective therapy or it can be combined with acupuncture and herbal teas for more complex or advanced stages of disease.
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Tuina is the Chinese medicinal massage. It is based on the application of pressure on certain points of the head, neck, back, arms and legs. It can be very effective against muscular problems such as cervical syndrome, tennis elbow and headaches. And although Tuina uses quite strong techniques and is not adequate for wellness purposes, it frequently has a soothing effect on the nervous system and promotes relaxation and sleep.

Duration of the treatment

Every person is unique. The total duration of treatment can vary greatly from patient to patient. As a rule of thumb it can be said that acute symptoms take 3-5 treatments to heal. As for chronic diseases, in my experience it takes usually 4 treatments to experience improvement and around 8-12 treatments for a lasting healing.


German private health insurances usually reimburse the full amount of the costs for the treatments I offer in my practice.
Supplementary insurances also cover up to 80-100 % of the costs of the treatment.
If you have a non-German health insurance please consult the terms of your contract in order to find out if they cover complementary medicine treatments like acupuncture and herbal therapy.
If no insurance covers the costs, you can always be treated as a self-paying patient. In this case, I charge a fixed fee per treatment.